Packaging waste is an alternative source of raw materials, their grading and processing benefits to industry, to conserve natural resources. It is very important to packaging waste segregated from the general waste stream, sort them and get rid of them properly so as to ensure that it will not pollute the environment, and their re-use will help save a lot of various natural resources.

Sorted and poorly managed waste packages in a few decades can make Lithuania one big dump. Unsorted and unprocessed it remains degraded for a long time:

  • Paper – 2 years
  • Cans – 90 years
  • Plastic packaging – 200 years
  • Jars, bottles – 900 years

Get rid of the purchased goods packaging waste can:

– Casting sorted packages in public places built special packaging waste bins (yellow containers for plastic and metal, glass-green, blue-paper).

– Delivery of the packaging waste collection point.

– Re-use of containers for which a cash deposit – delivery of the vendors from which you bought the goods.

To help users sort, most manufacturers of packaging materials made ​​into a packaging denotes legend. Used packaging materials, such notations:

The triangle made ​​up of three arrows rotating clockwise direction, indicates that the marked packaging can be recycled.

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