HTSP Silicone Heat Transfer Compound Plus

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HTSP provides the ultimate in thermal conductivity together with the very wide temperature range obtained by using silicone base oils. The exceptional properties obtained from HTSP are due to the novel use of various metal oxide (ceramic) powders. These materials are electrically insulative to ensure that leakage currents can not be formed if the paste should come into contact with other parts of the assembly.


Approvals RoHS-2 Compliant (2011/65/EU): Yes
Typical Properties Colour: Pale Grey
Base: Silicone Oil
Thermo-conductive Component: Powdered metal oxides
Density @ 20°C (g/ml): 3.0
Viscosity @ 1rpm (Pa s): 42-48
Thermal Conductivity: 3.0 W/m.K
Temperature Range: -50°C to +200°C
Weight Loss after 96 hours @ 100°C: <0.8%
Permittivity @ 106Hz: 4.9
Volume Resistivity: 1 x 1015 Ω cm
Dielectric Strength: 18 kV/mm
Description Packing Order-Code Product-Code Shelf Life
Silicone Heat Transfer Paste Plus 35ml Syringe EHTSP35SL HTSP35SL 48 months
50 ml Tube EHTSP50T HTSP50T 48 months
100ml Tube EHTSP100T HTSP100T 48 months
830g cartridge EHTSP830G HTSP830G 48 months
1 Kg Bulk EHTSP01K HTSP01K 72 months
10 Kg Bulk EHTSP10K HTSP10K 72 months
25 Kg Bulk EHTSP25K HTSP25K 72 months

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