UVCLP UV Cure Conformal Coating Plus

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UVCLP is a part of the new generation of UV Cure Conformal Coatings developed by Electrolube to offer the highest levels of protection while maintaining a fast processing time.Applied using selective coating machine, UVCLP offers exceptional processing time compared to other UV cure coatings. UVCLP is touch dry after just a short exposure to the correct wave length of UV light, with a full cure guaranteed in under 24 hours by virtue of the secondary chemical cure mechanism. The chemical cure ensures that even shadowed areas are fully cured in a matter of hours. This is in stark contrast to other traditional UV Cure Coatings that can require weeks for a complete cure; (some shadowed areas will even remain uncured). UVCLP therefore ensures reduced work in progress times.


Approvals RoHS Compliant (2015/863/EU): Yes
REACH Compliant: Yes
IPC-CC-830: Meets Requirements
UL746 Meets UL94 V-0
Liquid Properties Appearance: White Opaque Liquid
Density @ 20°C (g/ml): 1.14 (mixed)
Flash Point: >100⁰C
Min. Solids Content (1hr @80˚C): >99%
Mix Ratio: 1:1 v/v
Mixed System Viscosity @ 25˚C: 1500-2500
Mixed Useable Life @ 20°C: 5 Minutes
Recommended Drying Time: UV (see curing instructions – page 2)
Touch Dry Time at 20°C: 10 Minutes
Dry Film Coating Colour: Colourless/Transparent
Recommended Coating Thickness: 100-150µm
Temperature Range: -40 to +130⁰C
Thermal Shock Range: -65 to +125⁰C
Thermal Shock (1000 cycles): No cracking, blistering or delamination*
Shore Hardness: A90
Elongation at Break (BS EN ISO 537): 40-50%
Tensile Strength (BS EN ISO 537): 7 MPa @ 20˚C
Elastic Modulus (BS EN ISO 537): 18 MPa @ 20˚C
Dielectric Strength: 90 kV/mm
Surface Insulation Resistance: 1 x 1015 Ω
Moisture Resistance (IPC-CC-830): 9.34 x 109 Ω
Flammability: Meets UL94 V-0

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