ESD Cooper foil tape

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Material: Copper Foil

Width: 20mm

Length: 50m

  • This single conductive copper foil tape is practical and durable for EMI.
  • This product is mainly used to eliminate electromagnetic interference EMI. It is a kind of isolation for the harm of electromagnetic wave to human body.
  • This conductive foil tape mainly applied to mobile phones, computer peripheral wire, computer monitors and transformer manufacturers etc.
  • It has better shielding effect for the ground electrostatic discharge with a good performance.

Purity higher than 99.95%, its function is to eliminate electromagnetic interference (EMI), isolated
electromagnetic waves on the human body damage, to avoid the no need for voltage and current
and affect the function. In addition, for the electrostatic discharge after grounding has a good effect.
Paste strong, good electrical conductivity.

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