Vacuum cleaner 35L ESD

In Stock

Ideal for:
-Board handling
-Equipment assembly
-Clean room contractors


Size (mm):350*350*565, Capacity: 35L, Power: 1250W, Hepa Filter for
Clean room
Voltage: 120V-230V/50Hz-60Hz
Power Cord: 4m., Hose length: 1.5m, Plastic Inserting Tube Length:
Vacuum level: 18Kpa, Noise level: 82dBA, Hepa Filter for Cleanroom
Surface Resistivity: 10E5~10E6 Ohms
10″ ESD safe hose, 16″ ESD safe rubber flexible gooseneck, and power
cord to clean sensitive manufacturing equipment, electronics, cabinets,
components and copy machines.
With the standard ESD safe utility brush, large area such as floors,
raised floors, and tabletops can be cleaned.
In additional, these clean room vacuums are EMI/RFI filtered, so they
are perfectly safe to be used in and around electronic equipment.

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