Shelf bins

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The dimensions of the shelf bins match all metric shelves, cabinets, and industrial workstations.  The product family has 11 different bin sizes to choose from. The bins stack firmly on top of each other – including those that are different lengths but the same width. Straight sides and side-to-side dividers, available as accessories, ensure efficient use of space. A label with cover comes as standard with each bin.

  • A wavy bottom prevents small parts from sliding and makes picking easier
  • A label with cover comes as standard
  • Dividers to divide the bins into sections are available as accessories
  • Barcode labels/labels also act as dividers
  • Bright colours make product coding easier, see-through bins enable the bin’s contents to be seen easily
  • Bin depths 300, 400, 500, and 600 mm, three different widths
  • Coloured bins are polypropylene (PP), clear bins are polystyrene (PS)
  • Models with ESD protection are also available
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