Stacking bins

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Parts and products stored in stacking bins can be effortlessly moved from one place to another either by carrying the bins by hand or transporting them in a trolley. The bins can also be placed on a workbench or a shelf, or mounted on a bin rail or a bin rack, to provide easy access to the items stored in them. The products can be seen through the open front, and a wavy bottom makes picking easier. Straight sides, dividers that can be ordered separately, and the ability to firmly stack the bins, help ensure that space is used efficiently.

  • An open front makes picking easier: the products are easy to see
  • One model, 8 different sizes, bins of the same width can be stacked on top of each other
  • Many bright colour options and a clear plastic model
  • The bins’ dimensions match all standard shelves, to maximise the use of shelf space
  • Can be placed on a workbench or a shelf, some models can also be mounted on a bin rail or a bin rack
  • Available accessories include labels with covers, side-to-side dividers for the larger models, and removable lids for four models
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