WH-E100HD12TXL-CALOUVT flash-off conveyor

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This unit is used as a visual inspection station for operators controlling the boards right after a conformal coating line.

Machine dimensions(L)1000x(W)990x(H)950+/-30mm(L)500x(W)1013x(H)950+/-30mm
Net weight/Shipping weight67 Kg/150 Kg62 Kg/130 Kg
PCB size50 x 50mm ~ 470 x 460mm50 x 50mm ~ 470 x 460mm
PCB thickness0.4mm ~ 2.5mm
Conveyor directionLeft to right (standard), Right to left (optional)
Conveyor height950 ± 30mm
Conveyor type12mm ESD flat belt
Conveyor speed0.5 ~ 20m/min (or specify)
Control systemPLC + Sick sensors
Front-endHigh-end profile
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