VEGO Dynamic LLB01 / Destacker with buffer for PCB packages

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The logistics loader LLB 01 is used to load marking stations or SMT-production lines with bare PCBs.
It combines a buffer station for PCB batches and a separator station in one unit. The system is designed for correctly sorted separation of the PCB batches according to the FIFO principle. They are stored mechanically isolated from each other until the separation process. This prevents the possibility that individual circuit boards of various charges may be mixed up.
The PCB packages are manually inserted into the system and buffered. Then they are fed to the separator station. During the separation process, the stack is processed from the top down. Hence the separation process is independent from the stack weight, making it very gently for the product.
Processing of the batches according to the FIFO principle
Capacitiy 7 batches of 60 mm
Loading the machine without stopping production
Separation with clamp mechanism
Electric width adjust
Colour display with graphical user interface
Product parameters can be changed during running operation
Product memory function
2 colour signal lamp (LED) and alarm horn
Small footprint

Machine Configuration 
Transport height

Max. transport width


Transfer direction

Operating side

Fixed rail

920 mm ± 50 mm

460 mm

Siemens, SMEMA

from left to right

Front of the machine

Front of the machine

Panel Dimensions
Panel length

Panel width

Panel thickness

Component clearance (by-pass)

Panel weight

Max. stack height

Max. batch weight

Max. weight all batches

Edge support by-pass

Edge support stack

70 to 460 mm

85 to 460 mm

0.7 to 4.5 mm

± 40 mm

to 3 kg

8 x 60 mm

12 kg each batch

60 kg

3 mm

8 mm

Installation Requirements
Power supply

Power supply system

Power consumption

Air supply

Air consumption

230 V / 115 V, 50 / 60 Hz, ± 10%

L1 + N + PE

0,5 kW

6 bar

10 Nl/min

Machine Description
Length x Width x Height

Netto weight

Noise Level

1226 x 1140 x 940 mm

480 kg

< 75 dB

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