WHM-305SD3BM NG/OK PCB unloader

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Our NG/OK unloaders are used to unload the PCB’s out of the production line by pushing them into standard magazine racks, with the peculiarity that if an NG signal (non-good PCB) is sent to the equipment from the previous machine, the pcboard will automatically be transfered to a second rail designated to separate the good PCB’s from the bad ones. The magazines are loaded onto the upper twin platforms and are directly transferred to the lifter platforms, which will go down step-by-step according to a programmed selectable pitch (to load each PCB one by one into the racks). As soon as the lifter reaches the bottom position (whatever it is the good or bad pcb rail), the full rack will be transferred back into the lower exit platform, so it can be removed from the line to be unloaded.

Machine size (mm)(L)1902x(W)1527x(H)1683(L)2298x(W)1688x(H)1683
PCB size (mm)50×50~(L)330x(W)25050×50~(L)530x(W)460
Magazine size (mm)(L)355x(W)320x(H)560(L)535x(W)530x(H)570
Conveyor directionLeft to right (standard) or right to left (optional)
Conveyor height950+/-30mm
Air supply4-6 bar
Air consumption10 l./min max
Control systemPANASONIC PLC and Sick sensors
Control panelButtons Membrane
Selectable pitch10, 20, 30 or 40mm
Transport chainNylon black flat chain
SMEMASMEMA compatible as default
Net weight500 Kg720 Kg
Gross weight550 Kg770 Kg
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