WHM-321SD3BM-C mini size PCB unloader

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Our mini-size magazine unloaders are designed for those cases where there is a limitation of space. They are used to unload the PCB’s from the production line by collecting them to a standard magazine rack, basically designated for assemblers who use only one size magazine along their process.
The magazines are loaded onto the upper platform and are directly transferred to a lifter platform, which will go down step-by-step according to a programmed selectable pitch (to load each PCB one by one into the rack). As soon as the lifter reaches the bottom position, the full rack will be transferred back into the lower exit platform, so it can be removed from the line to be unloaded.

Machine dimensions(L)1407x(W)764x(H)1235(L)1698x(W)844x(H)1235
Net weight/Shipping weight185 Kg230 Kg
PCB size50 x 65mm ~ 330 x 250mm50 x 65mm ~ 445 x 330mm
Rack Size(L)355x(W)320x(H)563(L)460x(W)400x(H)563
CapacityUp: 1 rack;Down: 1 racksUp: 1 rack;Down: 1 racks
Indexing Pitch10, 20, 30, 40mm or specify
Power Consumption300W Max.
Power SourceAC220V,50/60Hz,1 phase
Air Pressure & Consume4-6 bar, 101/min Max
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