PBT HyperSWASH cleaning machine

Available on backorder

Double capacity configuration TWINGO
Multiple capacity in COMBO configuration
Linear direct spray for equal washing of entire surface
Compatible with wide range of cleaners from various manufacturers
100 % filtration of entire spray volume
Double rinse option
Possible to use two different cleaners
Hot air knife direct dry technology
Illuminated glass door chamber for visual process control
All process steps with up to 5 substeps for the highes flexibility


Fully automatic spray-in-air closed loop zero drain system. Multiple platform configuration. Superb for cleaning high volume of electronic assemblies.

Defluxing – removing all kinds of solder residues
Cleaning of micromechanical components
Removing contamination from handling and board manufacturing, FOD
Cleaning highly populated electronic assemblies with low standoff components such as BGA, CSP, BTC, QFN, MELF
Cleaning of power electronics
For electronic assemblies requiring extra short process time
Ideal for second side misprints on complex assemblies
Cleaning before conformal coating and wire bonding

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