PBT SuperSwash cleaning machine

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Ultimate cleaning performance
Easy operation
Zero drain concept
Linear direct spray for equal washing
Hot air knife direct dry
Illuminated glass door chamber for visual process control
Quick changover to Twingo – double capacity configuration
Wide range of standard and customized PCBA fixture


Fully automatic high performance zero drain system. Ideal for cleaning middle to high volume of electronic assemblies. Suitable for cleaning high volume of stencils.

Filtration options
Wash loop is always closed and fully filtrated process that requires regular dosing and periodic drainage when saturated. Rinse loops in SuperSWASH are flexible by design and meet all process and environmental requirements.

Parameters and specifications:
Clamping for all types of stencils
Simple detailed programming
Complete datalogging and bar code traceability
Up to 3 fully separated liquid loops
Low consumption of chemicals and water
Outstanding options of water utilization
Adaptive rinse water quality control
Automatic chemical concentration control

Defluxing, removing activators and resin residues
Cleaning contamination from handling and board manufacturing
Cleaning highly populated electronic assemblies with low standoff components such as BGA, CSP, LGA, MELF etc.
Cleaning of power electronics
Cleaning electronic assemblies requiring extra short process time
Cleaning second side misprints on complex assemblies
Cleaning before conformal coating
Cleaning before wire bonding

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