Select Coat Applicator Series

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The Select Coat® Applicator Series – which includes the SC-350 Select Spray and the SC-300 Multi-Mode – is a highly-versatile conformal coating applicator that supports a wide range of fluid viscosities and is ideal for solvent or solvent-less fluid formulations

The Select Coat® Applicator  Series:
Features fast system on/off times to optimize start and stop movements
The optional Four-Position Tilt accessory and Dual-Simultaneous Bracket configuration deliver improved throughput and reduced process time


High flow rate produces film builds quickly
Zero-cavity nozzle tip prevents material build-up during operation
No special adjustment during re-assembly – coating performance and fluid sealing are not adjustment dependent, resulting in repeatable applicator response time
The air and fluid chambers are co-located so that there is rapid response to changes in operation – there are no long air-lines to delay response or to fail.
The SC-350 Select Spray is specifically optimized to atomize coating fluids – delivering exceptional edge definition and thin, uniform coating thicknesses at increased speeds.
The versatile SC-300 Multi-Mode offers bead, monofilament, and swirl modes – all in a single applicator.
Achieve the most versatile coating capability for a wide range of fluid viscosities with a Select Coat applicator. Delivering uniform thicknesses and consistent pattern widths, it can be configured to meet a variety of application requirements including spot, line, area-coat, and optimized atomization.
The SC-350 Select Spray offers additional flexibility within process parameters at the low and high end of the viscosity spectrum exclusively for atomized spray.  It efficiently sprays solvent-based fluids while reducing solvent usage and the “cobwebbing effect” that occurs when coating fluids cure in-air.  In the higher viscosity range, the applicator provides uniform pass coverage at faster speeds.
The SC-300 Multi-Mode offers bead, monofilament, and swirl modes of operation that are ideal for applications that require spot coating, broad pattern widths, and thin film builds.
The Select Coat applicator is intended for use with the Select Coat® conformal coating system.SC-350

SC-350 Select Spray – Optimized to Atomize High-Viscosity Coating Fluids

With the SC-350, the air assist function is optimized to deliver significant edge tolerance, fluid viscosity, and coating velocity improvements.

The SC-350 applies less air pressure to achieve a tighter edge tolerance providing increased selectivity and control near keep out zones and reduced “cobwebbing” of solvent-based fluids. Lower air assist pressure improvements provide added flexibility within your process parameters – achieving thinner coating results at faster coating speeds for a wide range of fluid viscosities.

SC-300 Multi-Mode – Three Modes of Operation

Bead: A stream of material is applied to the circuit board in areas where components are very close to non-coating or keep-out areas, or extra material is required for protection of high-impedance areas. The bead may also be used as a spot command for single coating of a single test point or component.

Monofilament: This pattern is created by controlling the fluid pressure and material flow passing through the nozzle. Auxiliary air circulating through the air passage strikes the material at a precise angle, causing it to spin on its axis and form a conical, looping pattern. The monofilament pattern is ideal for dispensing broad pattern widths, while maintaining good edge definition, resulting in faster cycle times.

Swirl: The swirl pattern is a coarse atomized spray achieved by increasing air pressure and lowering flow settings. Angled jets impinge air upon the pressurized material exiting the nozzle creating a conical, swirling pattern. The mode is ideal for applications where moderate selective coating is required. The swirling action helps maintain pattern shape resulting in excellent width control. Because the air jets cause slight atomization of the material, extremely thin film builds are possible.

SC-300 Swirl Coat Applicator Tri-Mode - Bead, Monofilament, and Swirl

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