DispenseJet DJ-2200 Spray Valve

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Dispenses precise lines of fluid in thin layers for passive and active components
Changes in part layouts can be accommodated without downtime and tooling changes
Reduces fluid waste and improves material utilization with minimal maintenance
Separates dispensing and chip placement operations to achieve higher throughput


The DispenseJet DJ-2200 spray valve uses a patented high-precision mechanism to dispense fine layers of fluid directly from the nozzle onto the substrate. Layer thickness consistency is aided by a built-in heater that controls the fluid temperature and facilitates the dispensing process. The syringe/reservoir is completely sealed – providing full and constant pressure at all times. This allows high-speed, non-contact dispensing of low-viscosity materials such as rosin and no-clean fluxes with sharp, clean cut-off. Coupled with a recirculation reservoir, the DJ-2200 is also used for dispensing materials such as low viscosity silver epoxy for EMI shielding applications or silicone-phosphor for LED phosphor coating.

With the DJ-2200, the valve moves in an X, Y plane to dispense a variety of pre-programmed patterns that create a uniform film. The Z-axis is not required to move during or between dispense cycles. Time elapsed between cycles is minimized, and throughput and productivity are increased.

Spray coating with the DJ-2200 can also improve total cost of ownership. In spray flux applications, the DJ-2200 not only provides 100% coverage with a minimal amount of flux (typically 5 µm thin layers) but also produces less residue after reflow. Less residue results in better package reliability and higher yield. In EMI spray shielding applications, the DJ-2200 has been proven to reduce overspray and significantly reduce production costs by minimizing the waste of expensive coating fluids.

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