DV-01 Syringe Valve

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Simple to use and set up
No cleaning of mechanical parts required
Handles syringe sizes from 3 cc to 6 ounce
Works with all Nordson ASYMTEK dispensing systems
Achieves 0.25 mm (0.01 in.) diameter or larger dots and lines with fine pastes


The DV-01 Syringe Valve is ideal for small-volume, general purpose dispensing. It supports short work life fluid formulations and allows small quantities to be dispensed during production. In addition, set-up routines and overall versatility make it an excellent choice for process development and future dispensing needs. It has high chemical resistance and is compatible with a variety of fluid formulations.

Changeovers are simple because the syringe is installed, as supplied from the fluid manufacturer, directly into the DV-01. It is not necessary to clean the DV-01. When the syringe is empty or production is completed, the syringe is removed and the DV-01 is ready for use once more.

Because there are no moving or wearable parts to be maintained, the cost-of-ownership is reduced to the consumable needle tip. The DV-01 is compatible with standard Nordson syringes, luer needle tips, and other brands that feature the same syringe dimensions and threads. Fluid flow is controlled by applying pressure to the syringe during ‘valve on’ and removing pressure from the syringe during ‘valve off.’

The DV-01 supports all viscosities. The variable fluid pressure is used to optimize the flow rate for a given process, and the specific flow rate is defined by the viscosity, applied fluid pressure, and needle tip. Low viscosity fluid formulations can generate high flow rates. To address this a ‘check valve’ can be installed to avoid drop formation on the needle tip during non-dispensing. When the DV-01 is used on Nordson ASYMTEK equipment, programmers can define and fully control the flow rate.

Compatible Fluids
Solder Masks
Solder Pastes

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