DV-05A Diaphragm Valve with Suckback

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High chemical resistance
Adjustable fluid flow
Adjustable suckback control
Low maintenance
Stainless steel construction for corrosive fluids
Compatible with all Nordson ASYMTEK dispensing systems


The DV-05A valve dispenses medium to medium-high viscosity fluids and is appropriate for a variety of applications. Adjustable precision piston stroke and suckback are two unique features offered on the DV-05A. The adjustable precision piston stroke feature controls fluid flow, and suckback enables clean cuttoff of the dispensed fluid to prevent dripping. The valve is highly resistant to chemicals, is compatible with a variety of fluid formulations, and provides flexibility to meet future dispensing needs.

Maximum dispensing precision is delivered through a design that achieves cycle rates in excess of 400 actuations per minute. Users can select the optimal fluid pressure, actuation time for dots or robotic velocity for lines, and the appropriate dispense tip to optimize their process.

A variety of needles can be used with the DV-05A. A large (cone tip) needle with ¼” NPT thread is installed directly onto the fluid outlet. Smaller needles that provide higher resolution and precise fluid patterns can be installed using a matching adaptor.

The DV-05A is composed of materials that not only minimize preventative maintenance, but also make it durable and compatible with a variety of fluid types. The valve body is precision machined from type 303 passivated stainless steel, and the sealing diaphragm is made of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene that effectively transfers load. To clean the fluid path, the lower section of the DV-05A is disassembled in a few simple steps providing full access to wetted parts.

Compatible Fluids
Conformal Coatings
Non-Acid Fluxes
Solder Masks

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