SIGMA Σ-G5S II / Premium Modular

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Two new head types in an evolution of the “1-head solution” to achieve high productivity: Accommodates super-small 0201 (0.25 x 0.125 mm) size components and large components
Extended detection range of components held for better mounting quality
Larger internal buffer size to reduce feeding loss with large PCBs
Further detail revisions and refinements for added reliability
Compatibility with previous models

Applicable PCBSingle laneL 610 x W 510 mm to L 50 x W 50 mm
(Optional: L 1,200 x W 510 to L 50 x W 50 mm)
Dual laneL 610 x W 250 mm to L 50 x W 84 mm (dual feed)
L 610 x W 415 mm (single feed)
Mounting capabilityHigh-Speed Multi-Head x 2 specifications: 90,000 CPH (single lane/dual lane)
Mounting accuracy
(Under optimum conditions as defined by Yamaha Motor when
standard evaluation materials are used)
High-Speed Multi (HM) Head0201/03015: ±25 μm/80,000 CPH
0402: ±36 μm/85,000 CPH
0603: ±40 μm/90,000 CPH
Flexible Multi (FM) Head± 15μm
Applicable componentsHigh-Speed Multi (HM) Head0201 to L 44 x W 44 x H 12.7 mm or under
Flexible Multi (FM) Head1005 to L 72 x W 72 x H 25.4 mm or under
Connector: 150 x 26 mm
Number of component types120 types max. (8 mm wide tape equivalent)
Power supply3-phase AC200 V ±10 %, 50/60 Hz
Air supply source0.45 to 0.69 MPa (4.6 to 7 kgf/cm²)
External dimension (excluding projections)L 1,280 x W 2,240 x H 1,450 mm
WeightApprox. 1,800 kg
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