YSP / High-speed, high-precision universal high-end printer

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11 sec/cycle* line-tact high-speed printing capability
3σ: +/- 0.005 mm repeatability of positioning
PSC system (PSC: print stability control)
3S head (3S: swing single squeegee) printing attack angle variable
L 600 mm pringint area applicable
Yamaha dual lane system applicable






Applicable PCBL 510 x W 460 mm to L 50 x W 50 mm
Applicable for printing L 600 mm longer area transporting L 610 mm longer PCB
Printer head3S head (named after swing single squeegee)
For loading squeegee, possible to choose from metal or urethane squeegee
Printing accuracyPrinting accuracy (3σ): +/- 0.025 mm
Accuracy for repeated alignment (3σ): +/- 0.005 mm
Printing line tact11.0 sec (for normal printing under our optimum condition)
Applicable stencil size
L 750 x
W 750 mm
L 736 x
W 736 mm
L 750 x
W 650 mm
L 650 x
W 550 mm
L 600 x
W 550 mm*
L 550 x
W 650 mm*
Max PCB size
L 510 x
W 460 mm
L 510 x
W 460 mm
L 510 x
W 350 mm
L 330 x
W 250 mm
L 330 x
W 250 mm*
L 330 x
W 250 mm*
Power supply3-phase AC 200/208/220/240/380/400/416 V +/- 10%
Air supply source0.45 MPa
External dimensionL 1,640 mm x W 1,640 mm x H 1,400 mm (not include the projection)
WeightApprox. 1,600 kg
* These size stencils need addition of fixing adaptor and replacement of cleaning nozzle. Specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice.
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