ESD Neutral cleaner

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Staticide® Neutral Cleaner is a low-foaming, multi-purpose
maintenance cleaner. There is no filming or streaking when
cleaning with this unique formula, making it the perfect product
for any type of facility, including ESD-safe areas.
This non-abrasive cleaner contains no silica and will not degrade
the anti-static properties of production environments. It is ideal
for use on ESD tiles, conductive floors, 4700SS Diamond
Polyurethane ESD paint, and 5700 Staticide® Premium ESD
Environmentally friendly, this neutral formula is safe for septic
and sewage systems. It is non-toxic and biodegradable, has a
neutral pH, and contains no phosphates or alkalis.
Staticide® Neutral Cleaner is available in two formulas:
4020 Concentrate or 4030 Ready to Use


Dilution ratio for 4020 Concentrate: 1:128 (1 part cleaner to 128 parts water)
Coverage for 4020 Concentrate: 5,000 – 10,000 square feet per gallon
Neutral pH : 7.2
Contains no acid, ammonia, alkalis, or phosphates
Non-toxic and biodegradable
Suitable for use on concrete, ESD tile, painted floors, metal, glass, porcelain, and woodwork

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