Atron SP200 maintenance cleaner

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For ultrasonic or air assisted cleaning equipment
ATRON® SP 200 is an aqueous-alkaline surfactant cleaner, specifically developed to remove baked-on fluxes from solder pallets, solder frames and condensation traps. ATRON® SP 200 can also be used for the removal of unsoldered solder pastes from SMT stencils. The cleaner is suitable for ultrasonic, air assisted cleaning equipment or spray-in-air.


Advantages compared to other cleaners:
Simple, easy-to-use handling
3 to 10 times longer bath life than traditional surfactant cleaners. The reduced number of bath changes results in a lower volume of used cleaner, which has to be disposed
Excellent compatibility with aluminum and epoxy surfaces
The use of de-foamer is not required
No build-up of organics in the rinsing section
ATRON® SP 200 is also suitable for the cleaning of conveyor fingers or the manual removal of extremely baked-on flux residues in solder ovens and similar applications

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