Vigon A200 PCB cleaner

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Water-based, alkaline PCB cleaner for defluxing
VIGON® A 200 is a water-based cleaning medium specifically developed for the use in high and medium pressure spray equipment such as inline or batch equipment. Based on MPC® Technology, VIGON® A 200 removes all types of flux residues from electronic assemblies, ceramic hybrids, power modules and lead frames. VIGON® A 200 meets the highest cleanliness requirements for subsequent wire bonding and coating steps.


Advantages compared to other PCB cleaners:
Can easily be filtered and therefore provides an extended bath life and reduces cleaning agent costs
Can be easily rinsed and does not leave any residues on the surface
Ensures highest cleanliness levels for subsequent wire bonding and coating steps
Has no flash point and thus can be applied in all spray-in-air equipment without explosion proof
Does not contain any halogenated compounds
Does not foam, even in high pressure applications

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