Vigon US PCB cleaner

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Water-based agent for flux removal in ultrasonic dip tanks
VIGON® US is a water-based medium specifically developed for the use in ultrasonic, spray-under-immersion and centrifugal cleaning equipment. Based on MPC® Technology, VIGON® US removes all types of flux residues from electronic assemblies, Flip Chip Packages and CMOS.


Advantages compared to other cleaners:
Specifically designed for the use in dip tank systems
Works exceptionally well for the cleaning in capillary spaces and is also suitable for cleaning under low standoff components
Can be easily rinsed without leaving residues on the surface and provides low ionic contamination of cleaned parts
Its high bath loading capacity ensures an extended bath life
Has no flash point and does not require explosion proof equipment
Ensures a void-free underfill by removing all tacky fluxes from Flip Chips/CMOS
Improves the image resolution/reduces pixel defects due to particle removal from CMOS image sensors

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