Zestron VD PCB cleaner

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Solvent for water-free defluxing in one-chamber processes with vacuum distillation
Solvent-based cleaning agent designed to remove flux residues from electronic assemblies, ceramic hybrids and leadframe-based discrete components in closed-loop, one chamber, vapor degreasing type systems.


Advantages compared to other cleaners:
Due to its polar and nonpolar components, ZESTRON® VD has a wide field of application
Completely distillable and therefore suitable for one chamber vapor degreasing processes with vacuum distillation and a vapor rinsing step
ZESTRON® VD is surfactant-free and therefore dries residue-free
ZESTRON® VD is particularly suitable for water-free applications, especially when rinsing with water is not an option
Increased wire bonding/molding quality for leadframe-based discrete components due to the complete removal of flux residues from leaded solder paste
ZESTRON® VD can also be used for stencil cleaning and in SMT printers

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