Plastic needle luer-lock

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High quality tapered tips in gauge sizes from 14 to 27.  Suitable for many fluids including solder pastes, fluxes, gels, epoxies, grease, compounds, particle filled materials, adhesives, silicons, sealants and RTVs.  Double helix luer-lock thread provides safe attachment to all syringes and valves. All tips are supplied in sealed packs of 50 or bulk packs. Tapered tips improve application of higher viscosity fluids and particle filled pastes as the smooth taper design allows for lower air pressures to be used. Tapered tips are industrial safe to 100 psi and are silicone free plastics. Our tips are safe and hygienic, eliminating risk of splitting or breaking while being used.


Available sizes:
KDS14TNP – gauge 14
KDS16TNP – gauge 16
KDS18TNP – gauge 18
KDS20TNP – gauge 20
KDS22TNP – gauge 22
KDS25TNP – gauge 25

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