IMC Industrial Machine Cleaner

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IMC has been specifically designed for the general cleaning of automated dispensing equipment. With a high flash point, low vapour pressure and low hazard rating, IMC combines safety and performance across a broad range of applications.


Approvals RoHS Compliant (2015/863/EU): Yes
Typical Properties
Appearance: Clear Liquid
Density (g/ml @ 20⁰C): 1.20
Boiling Point: 190°C
Evaporation Rate: 0.04 (n-butyl acetate = 1)
Flash Point: 86°C (closed cup)
Vapour Pressure (kPa): <0.25
Viscosity (mPa s @ 20°C): 2.8
Surface Tension (dynes/cm @ 25°C): 32

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