URC High Performance Urethane Coating

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URC is a highly flexible, low-odour urethane conformal coating offering superb adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. URC is a chemically resistant coating with a wide operating temperature range and offers excellent thermal performance.

It offers a fast touch dry time and has a UV trace for easy application and inspection.


Approvals RoHS Compliant (2015/865/EU): Yes
REACH Compliant: Yes
IPC-CC-830: Meets Approval
MIL-I-46058C: Meets Approval
QMJU2.E480702 Approved File Number: E480702
Liquid Properties Appearance: Clear yellow/brown liquid
Density @ 20°C: 0.90 g/ml (Bulk), 0.84 g/ml (Aerosol)
Flash Point: >90⁰C
Solids content: 43% (Bulk), 21.5% (Aerosol)
VOC Content: 57% (Bulk), 93% (Aerosol)
Viscosity @ 20°C: 240mPa s
Touch Dry Time at 20°C: 15 minutes
Recommended Drying Time: 24 Hours @ 20°C or
4 Hours at 60⁰C or
2 Hours at 90⁰C
Coverage @ 25µm: 17m2
Dry Film Coating Colour: Clear
Temperature Range: -40 to +140⁰C
Flammability: UL94 V-0
Moisture Resistance: Meets MIL-I-46058C
Salt Spray Resistance: Meets ASTM B117-03
Dielectric Strength: 80 kV/mm
Surface Insulation Resistance: 1 x 1016 Ω
Dissipation Factor: 0.001
Dielectric Constant: 2.7

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