ER2218 Black Epoxy Resin

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ER2218 is a low viscosity epoxy resin with excellent thermal stability. The product has been specifically designed for compatibility with reflow applications, therefore remaining stable for short term, high temperature excursions. The system utilises a hardener free of DDM or other aromatic amines. The flame retardant filler used is a non-halogenated ‘clean’ type leading to relatively low toxicity fumes and low smoke emission.


Approvals RoHS Compliant (2015/863/EU): Yes
UL Approval: Meets UL94 V-0
Typical Properties
Liquid Properties: Base Material Epoxy
Density Part A – Resin (g/ml) 1.22
Density Part B – Hardener (g/ml) 0.96
Part A Viscosity (mPa s @ 20-23ºC) 800
Part B Viscosity (mPa s @ 20-23ºC) 400
Mixed System Viscosity (mPa s @ 20-23ºC) 500
Mix Ratio (Weight) 3.58:1
Mix Ratio (Volume) 2.82:1
Usable Life (20°C) 40 minutes
Gel Time (23°C) 50 minutes
Cure Time (23°C) 24 hours
Cure Time (60 °C) 4 hours
Cure Time (100 °C) 30 minutes
Colour Part A – Resin Black
Colour Part B – Hardener Amber
Storage Conditions Dry Conditions: Above 15ºC, Below 35ºC
Shelf Life 24 Months (bulk) 18 months (resin pack)
(Measured on 100ml sample; cylinder of diameter 49.4mm @ 23ºC) < 90ºC
Shrinkage < 1%

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