ER2224 Thermally Conductive Resin

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ER2224 Epoxy potting compound is a highly thermally conductive resin (1.0 W/m*K) which also offers strong thermal cycling properties. It is an off-white resin allowing it to blend with LED designs, dissipating heat from the LED and extending the units operating lifetime and reliability while offering excellent environmental protection against the elements as well as showing good chemical resistance.

It has good high temperature stability with a wide operating temperature range which makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications.


Approvals RoHS Compliant (2015/863/EU): Yes
UL Approval: No
Typical Properties
Liquid Properties: Base Material Epoxy
Density Part A – Resin (g/ml) 2.32
Density Part B – Hardener (g/ml) 0.95
Part A Viscosity (mPa s @ 23ºC) 130000
Part B Viscosity (mPa s @ 23ºC) 25
Mixed System Viscosity (mPa s @ 23ºC) 20000
Mix Ratio (Weight) 14.6 : 1
Mix Ratio (Volume) 5.85 : 1
Usable Life (20°C) 45 mins
Gel Time (23°C) 150 mins
Cure Time (23°C) 24 hours
Cure Time (60°C) 4 hours
Cure Time (100°C) 1 hour
Colour Part A – Resin Off White
Colour Part B – Hardener Light yellow
Storage Conditions Dry Conditions: Above 15°C, Below 35°C
Shelf Life 12 months
(Measured on 100ml sample in a cylinder of diameter 49.4mm @ 23ºC)
Shrinkage <1%

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