OP9004 Resin Machine Cleaner

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OP9004 is a special non-flammable solvent blend designed to swell and soften cured epoxy, polyurethane and other resins and enable their removal from most substrates. OP9004 is somewhat slower in evaporation rate than OP9003 and hence is more suitable for cleaning machines by wiping.


Approvals RoHS Compliant (2015/863/EU): Yes
NATO Stock Number: 8010-99-808-6157
Description Packaging Order Code Shelf Life
Machine Cleaner 5 litre OP9004B5L 36 months
Directions for Use
The solvents in OP9004 will not generally damage metals; however, there may be some corrosion on ferrous
metals if materials are soaked for > 24 hours. OP9004 evaporates at a slower rate than OP9003 and enables
the surface to be polished clean more readily. There is a high risk that plastic substrates will be attacked by
OP9004, so care should be taken when cleaning items containing these materials. It is always advisable to
carry out test applications of the products first to ensure that no damage occurs to the item that is to be
Surfaces which are heavily contaminated with thick deposits of cured resin or coatings may require soaking for
prolonged periods of 24 hours or more. The cured resin and coating may be insoluble in the stripper; however,
if this is the case it may become soft and “cheesy” and will either fall away or can be very easily removed by
brush or other tools. The articles to be stripped of cured resin may include finished electronic components or
production equipment such as containers, tools, jigs etc. OP9004 should be soaked in closed containers to
prevent evaporation.
Note: OP9004 contain low boiling materials and hence precautions are needed to prevent build-up of high
concentration in the atmosphere. PPE must be worn at all times during handling; please refer to the MSDS for
more information.

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