OP9020 Uncured Resin Remover Solvent

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OP9020 is a specially formulated solvent designed to remove epoxy and polyurethane resin in the uncured state from machines, work surfaces, jigs or equipment. Its a fast evaporating solvent which can be used to soak items in, or used to wipe with a brush or cloth


Approvals RoHS Compliant (2015/863/EU): Yes
Typical Properties
Flash Point (°C) 35
Density (g/ml) 0.93
Water Solubility Completely Soluble
Description Packaging Order Code Shelf Life
OP9020 Machine Cleaner 5 Litre Bulk OP9020B5L 24 Months
Directions for Use
The articles to be cleaned of uncured resin may include finished electronic components or production equipment
such as tools, containers and jigs etc. Heavily soiled items should be soaked in OP9020 and with a gentle
rubbing action of a brush, pipe cleaner or rag the resin will dissolve and lift away. Lightly soiled items may only
require a wipe with a damp rag containing OP9020.
Once the solvent has been used the container needs to be sealed to prevent evaporation and water absorption.
OP9020 will not generally attack metals but some plastic substrates may be attacked. It is always advisable to
carry out test applications of OP9020 cautiously to ensure that the article to be recovered is not itself damaged.
If the removal of cured product is required OP9020 is not recommended; a more aggressive solvent such as
OP9003 or OP9004 is required.

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