SC2001 Heat Cured Silicone Resin

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Approvals RoHS Compliant (2015/863/EU): Yes
Typical Properties
UL Approval: Meets UL94 V-0
Liquid Properties: Base material Silicone
Appearance Part A Black liquid
Appearance Part B White liquid
Density Part A (g/ml) 1.4
Density Part B (g/ml) 1.4
Viscosity Part A (mPa s 23°C) 4000
Viscosity Part B (mPa s 23°C) 3000
Viscosity (Mixed System) (mPa s 23°C) 3500
Mix Ratio (Weight) 1:1
Mix Ratio (Volume) 1:1
Usable Life (20°C) 30 minutes
Cure Time (80°C) 3 hours
Storage Conditions Above 15ºC, Below 30ºC
Shelf Life 12 months


SC2001 is a two-part, general purpose potting and encapsulating compound designed for the protection for electronic devices. It has exceptional high temperature properties, suitable for use in applications where the operating temperature will be up to 200°C. SC2001 Must be cured using heat.

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