UR5083 Clear Straw Polyurethane Resin

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R5083 is a very high performance resin system that has the unique ability to “self heal” if penetrated. This makes a good choice for applications such as cabling and wiring where connectors or components require passing through the resin itself after application. Another benefit of this is that testing can also be done through the resin itself.


Approvals RoHS Compliant (2015/863/EU): Yes
UL Approval: No
Typical Properties
Liquid Properties: Base Material Polyurethane
Density Part A – Resin (g/ml) 0.96
Density Part B – Hardener (g/ml) 1.00
Part A Viscosity (mPa s @ 23ºC) 1000
Part B Viscosity (mPa s @ 23ºC) 600
Mixed System Viscosity (mPa s @ 23ºC) 800
Mix Ratio (Weight) 2.00:1
Mix Ratio (Volume) 2.10:1
Usable Life (20°C) 90 mins
Gel Time (23°C) 4 hours
Cure Time (23 °C) 48 hours
Colour Part A – Resin Translucent
Colour Part B – Hardener Yellow
Storage Conditions Dry Conditions: Above 20ºC, Below 30ºC
Shelf Life 12 months (Bulk) 6 months (resin packs)
(Measured on 100ml sample in a cylinder of diameter 49.4mm @ 23ºC) < 35ºC

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