Hektor2 PCB separator

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Hektor separates milled PCBs carefully and fast. The offcut material is removed smoothly and precisely. The matrix consists of two parts. This ensures easy and cost-saving change of the blades. Compressed air is used for the separation process.
The operating pressure can be set on the machine. When the foot switch is pressed, the off-cut is punched out. The off-cuts are collected in the collecting box. When the gate is opened the waste material can be extracted.

Technical DataHektor 2
Separation typePunch blade
Operationby hand
PCB thicknessmax. 2.5 mm
Air connection1/4″-plug-in coupler
Operating pressuretypical 4 bar
Temperature / Humidity   Operation
Temperatur / Luftfeuchte  Storage
Temperatur / Luftfeuchte  Transport
  +5 – 40° C / 10 – 85 % not condensing
+0 – 60° C / 20 – 80 % not condensing
-25 – 60° C / 20 – 80 % not condensing
Weight2.7 kg
Dimensions H x W x D170 x 220 x 255 mm
ApprovalsCE, FCC class A
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