Lynx-EVO stereo microscope

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High Productivity Eyepiece-less Stereo Microscope
An advanced eyepiece-less stereo microscope for intricate tasks requiring stunning high-resolution 3D stereo viewing. Lynx EVO delivers outstanding optical performance with unrivalled ergonomics to power your productivity.
6x – 60x magnification (240x max.)
Superior ergonomics improves accuracy and reduces errors
Dynascope® stereo optics provide amazing 3D viewing


Stunning eyepiece-less 3D (stereo) imaging.
Superior ergonomics eliminates fatigue, promoting greater productivity and efficiency.
10:1 zoom ratio provides 6x – 60x magnification range (240x max) with coarse and fine adjustment, and indexing lever.
Integrated HD camera and software (option) for simple image/video capture and annotation.
Long working distance for easy sample manipulation. Large depth of focus for viewing sample details.
Dynascope® optical technology provides superb hand-to-eye coordination for manipulation tasks.
Flexible stand options, ideal for industrial and life science applications.

Objective lensZoom rangeWorking distance
0.45x2.7x – 27x176mm
0.62x3.7x – 37x128mm
1.0x6x – 60x75mm
1.5x9x – 90x42mm
2.0x12x – 120x29mm


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