XSDB 701-54 Dry Cabinet

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Outstanding performance
The XSD series has an outstanding performance
for drying moisture sensitive components and
The dynamic drying unit of the 5000 series
reaches very reliable low humidity values of
≤0,5%RH and automatically regenerates if
As a result of an insulated double metal
sandwich construction a precise temperature of
60°C can be reached with a very low power
A radial fan and heater supports the drying
process and realizes an equable temperature and
moisture level in the cabinet. The relevant
process data is obtained by use of an accurate
Rotronic sensor.


Technical data cabinet
✓ External dimensions: (W x H x D) 700 x 1930/2110 x 808 mm
✓ Internal dimensions: (W x H x D) 544 x 1504 x 600 mm
✓ Weight: 142 kg
✓ Weight on shelf: 50 kg
✓ Shelves (WxD): 5 pcs, 535 x 550 mm. (max 15 pcs.)
✓ Volume: 490 L
✓ Electric supply: 230 VAC (120 VAC optional)
✓ Power consumption: 450 W/h (60° C)
✓ Protection class: Class 1, hard grounded
✓ Humidity level cabinet: ≤0,5% RH can be reached with drying unit U-5003
✓ Sensor accuracy: +/- 0,8 % RH, +/- 0,3°C
✓ Temperature accuracy: 60° C, +/- 2° C

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