IR-D3 Discovery BGA rework station PDR

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The IR-D3 Discovery rework system is tool free, gas free, instantly/precisely controllable, clean, modular, upgradeable and produces 100% yield SMD rework without any complications. It provides the extremely high levels of profiling and process control necessary for the effective rework of even the most advanced packages, including SMDs, BGAs, CSPs, QFNs, Flipchips and is ready for 0201 and lead-free applications.

The IR-D3 can be easily configured to your requirements, with a good range of advanced features to choose from, allowing the operator to quickly and safely rework all types of components without overheating the component, adjacents or the PCB. It uses all the proven attributes of PDR’s Focused IR technology, first introduced in 1987 and now used worldwide by over 4500 customers.

  • Advanced Focused IR component heating
    150W, lens based Focused IR heating with adjustable image system
  • Quartz IR PCB preheating
    2250W, two zone (240mm x 240mm heating area)
    Optional 750W, single zone (120mm x 120mm heating area)
  • Precision Component Pick and Placement
    Professional vacuum placement system
  • Component Nest/Flux Application Facility
    Optional Jaw mounted nest with flux dip tray or component print frame
  • Precision PCB Handling
    Professional PCB table with micro X/Y
  • Component Temperature Sensing
    Standard non-contact IR temperature sensor
  • PCB Temperature Sensing
    K-type wire thermocouple
    Optional non-contact IR temperature sensor
  • Advanced Thermal Process Control
    Software based auto profile thermal control
  • Camera/Prism Based BGA/CSP/QFN
    Alignment System (Optional)
    Auxiliary process observation camera
  • Auxiliary Process Camera (Optional)
    Auxiliary process observation camera
Top heat power150W IR
Back heater power750W or 2250W IR
Voltage/frequency208-240 volts 50/60Hz, up to 3KW
Typical componentsCSPs, BGAs, uBGAs, QFNs, QFPs,
PLCCs, SOICs, small SMDs
Bench area1400mm (w) x 600mm (d)
Weight65 Kg
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