WTHA1N hot air station

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  • OFF time, Prozess window, Lock function, Offset
  • 900 W Hot air station for simple repair and heating tasks
  • Reduced footprint thanks to stackability
  • Modern and intuitive operational concept thanks to clear menu structure
  • Electronical controlled temperature
  • Up to 5 pre-sets which can be automatically run in a profile
  • Unit inkl. safety rest and fixed hot air iron
  • Acurate adjustment of hot air through bruschless turbine
  • Housing cover useable as storage
Voltage 120 V
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 212 x 172 x 122 mm
Power 900 W
Fuse T 4A
Overcurrent releas en.a.
Weight (approx.) in kg 1,95 kg
Channels 1
Max. hot air flow rate l/min (depends on tool)50
Temperature range (depends on tool) °C50 – 600
Temperature range (depends on tool) °F100 – 1000
Temperature accuracy °C± 30
Temperature accuracy °F± 54
Vacuum Na
Max. vacuum na
WT compatible on
ESD-safe on
Capacity l/min5 – 60 l / 20°C 5 – 110 l / 300°C
Power cable USA/EU
Display Graphical backlit LC-Display
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