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Micro desoldering tweezers WXMT with safety rest
Slim tweezers for excellent de-/soldering works, tweezer is compatible with all WX Stations.
Intelligent Micro desoldering tweezers 2 x 40 W, 12 V
For soldering and desoldering of SMD components with high energy demand
Parameter memory such as standby temperatures, automatic switch-off time
Reduces total costs of ownership due to motion sensor
RTW solder tips can be changed quickly and easily
Active Tip (Cartridge)-System allows exchange of soldering tip despite a hot soldering iron
Extremely short heating time
Standby function
Excellent reaction time

Voltage12 V
Power80 W (2 x 40 W)
Heating time (approx.) in seconds (50–350 °C/120–660 °F)3
Connectable toWX 1, WX 2, WXA 2, WXD 2, WXR 3
Tip rangeRTW
Safety restWDH 60 (T0051516999)
Active Tip heating element technologyon
Temperature range °C100 – 450
WX compatibleon
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