Apr 14, 2017 - Universal Stencil Holders (ESD)

    Universal stencil holders (ESD)


    Universal holders is the simple and cost effective answer to filing and storage of stencils.  A self-assembly kit which when built, forms a filing unit more than strong enough to hold a fully laden stencil filing system.  In fact total loads of over one tonne are well within its capability.    With our racks you will save time space and money  

    • Available in 3 heights, 4 depths and 2 colour choices, with suspension rails included for your files end ESD wheels.

    • Used with ESD polypropilen files for safe stencil storage.




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    Jan 7, 2016 - IS-I-508 Presented in Productronica 2015

    Interselect presents 2 zone machine model:


        The IS-I-508 is built with two independent zones in one machine. In Zone 1, a MicroDrop Fluxer is in use and mount on a high-speed X-Y-Axis system, the "Flux Drop" will be placed precisely on the previously programmed area of the PCB. In the second step, the flux will be activated by a large upper and lower preheater and at the same time the PCB will be preheated and finally prepared for soldering.
       After Flux and preheating the PCB moves into zone 2 of the machine, which is equipped according the configuration with 1 or 2 InterSelect titanium solder pots. The solder pot is mount on an InterSelect X-Y-Z-Axis system which positioning very accuracy to the programmed solder position.

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    Jan 6, 2016 - Mobile CamZ system

    Innovative CamZ system

    CamZ is an amazing handheld digital magnifier, providing ultimate convenience for a wide range of imaging tasks. With CamZ, you can magnify, inspect and capture images all at the touch of a button.

    • 4x - 14x magnification

    • Portable inspection and documentation

    • Store up to 100 images



    • Changeable magnifications 4x-14x
    • Can be used for all sorts of roving inspection tasks
    • High resolution display to see every detail
    • Controllable LED Illumination optimised for magnified imaging
    • Store up to 100 images
    • Share with USB connectivity
    • Includes simple on-screen X,Y dimensioning
    • Ergonomically positioned buttons






    Jan 5, 2016 - New Economic ESD chair

    Brand new fabric ESD chair

    • Back & seat made out of grey fabric


    • Seatheight : 420 - 530 mm

    • High backrest with lumbar support

    • Ergonomically designed seat


    • Backrest height and angle adjustable


    • Supplied with ESD castors (plastic or metal)


    • Height regulation with gas spring


    • Options : - 570-750 higher gas column

                     - 630-880 higher gas column

                     - Aluminium footrest


    • Compliant with IEC 61340-5-1

    Delivery in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in 2-3 working days after the order.















    Jan 3, 2016 - New Sticky Mats


    Antistatic Sticky Mats. The clean room sticky mat features a tacky surface, which pulls off dirt and dust from shoe soles before they can contaminate a "clean room." Effective and easy to use, each sticky mat has 30 layers of a tough film laminated together in a stack. Clean room sticky mats offer economical dirt control for low-profile carpet, tile or concrete surfaces. These sticky mats are ideal for hospitals, laboratories and other sterile environments.


    Sticky Mats Specification: 
    Ability of Dust Removal: 99.9% in Five Steps (100kg)
    Material: Polyethylene

    Size: 600x900mm. 
    Layers per pad: 30. 
    Color: blue