UAB „Etama”

UAB Etama started its activities in 1996. The company’s core business is the wholesale of high quality equipment and materials for electronics production and maintenance. We provide a full range of goods and services from the installation of production lines and workplaces in electronics factories to soldering materials, various tools and workers personal protection. Our experienced engineers provide training, equipment maintenance and repair, as well as warranty service. We also advise on the soldering process and EPA environment.

ETAMA mission – ensure the smooth operation of electronics manufacturing / service companies by providing a wide range of quality materials, tools and solutions.

ETAMA vision – We aim to be the customer’s choice No.1 when the need for electronics production / service goods arises or when a problem arises that we will definitely be able to solve.

Responsibility – We make decisions responsibly, assessing their impact on the company, employees, customers, society and the environment. What we promise is what we do.
Professionalism – We work efficiently, quickly and with high quality, and constantly deepen our knowledge in areas relevant to our clients.
Quality – We guarantee the quality of our goods and provide all guarantees and full service after purchase.
Innovation – we are constantly looking for innovations in a rapidly changing market to provide the latest equipment / materials that meet the most modern customer needs.
Teamwork – we work in a team and pursue common goals.

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