Desoldering wick

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No clean solder wick is designed for quick and efficient, static free desoldering and repair of circuit boards. The wick is halide-free, vacuumised no-clean, flux coated copper braid.

Part No.SizeSpool LengthApplicationMin. Iron Wattage
95030.8 mm1.5 mVery fine, miniature joints20 watts
97030.8 mm25.0 mVery fine, miniature joints20 watts
95061.5 mm1.5 mFine solder joints30 watts
97061.5 mm25.0 mFine solder joints30 watts
95082.2 mm1.5 mMedium solder joints50 watts
97082.2 mm25.0 mMedium solder joints50 watts
95102.7 mm1.5 mLarge solder joints80 watts
97102.7 mm25.0 mLarge solder joints80 watts
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