ESD disposable overshoes

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This is a disposable ESD overshoes designed to be worn by personnel grounded via a person/footwear/flooring system per EN 61340-5-1 table 2 for standing operations, personnel can be grounded via a wrist strap system or by a flooring-footwear system. Disposable ESD overshoes are to be worn with grounding tab placed in the person’s shoe under their foot with grounding tab portion at bottom of the overshoe in contact with ESD flooring. Overshoes are to be worn on both feet and while worn should be tested per IEC 61340-5-1 clause A.2.

  • Lightweight one size fits all ESD overshoes with elastic opening
  • Maintains grounding with full mobility
  • Comfortable for users
  • Low sloughing polypropylene fabric with latex-free elastic
  • Cleanroom compatible for most applications
  • Designed not to scratch or mark flooring
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