VEGO Dynamic PS 30 / Medium capacity vertical processing buffer

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The buffer receives the PCB’s from upstream and stores them utilising a vertically toothed belt. Once downstream is calling for a board, the buffer will index, down to release the last board. Only LIFO mode is possible.
Open construction
Minimal floor space required
Simple operation
Electric width adjusting
Manual removal of PCB’s
Possible use as either loading or unloading unit
Pass-through mode
Buffering requires no magazine
Sorting function

Machine Configuration 
Transport height

Max. transport width


Transfer direction

Operating side

Fixed rail

850 mm ± 50 mm

460 mm

SMEMA, Siemens

from left to right

Front of the machine

Front of the machine

Panel Dimensions
Panel length

Panel width

Panel thickness

Component clearance

Panel weight

Max. weight

70 to 460 mm

50 to 460 mm

0.5 to 4.5 mm

± 40 mm

max. 3 kg

30 kg

Installation Requirements
Power supply

Power supply system

Power consumption

230 V / 115 V, 50 / 60 Hz, ± 10%

L1 + N + PE

0,5 kW

Machine Description
Length x Width x Height

Netto weight

Noise Level

600 x 980 x 1535 mm

215 kg

< 75 dB

Buffer Description
Buffer spacing

Buffer positioning

Buffer capacity

20 mm

1-3 Slots

30 Slots

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