WHM-102SD3TM-JCOH curing buffer

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This unit is used as a curing chamber in between machines, and will keep the board at a curing temperature around 50~60°C.

Machine dimensions(L)600x(W)984x(H)1600(L)620x(W)1004x(H)1600(L)640x(W)1204x(H)1600
Net weight/Shipping weight380 Kg400 Kg420 Kg
PCB size80 x 50mm ~ 330 x 250mm80 x 50mm ~ 440 x 350mm80 x 50mm ~ 530 x 460mm
Belt TypeAntistatic Flat Belt of 3mm width
Cycle TimeApprox. 10 seconds
Power SourceAC 220V,50/60Hz,1 phase
Power Consumption900W Max.
Air Pressure & Consume4-6 bar, 15 l/min Max.
Indexing Pitch10, 20mm or specify
Max. PCB Capacity25 pcs maximum
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