WHM-200SD3BM PCB inverter

Available on backorder

Our inverters are designed to invert (flip) boards and to feed them into the production line from an integral flat-belt-type conveyor. Subsequent inversions continue from the last unloading position in order to reduce cycle time. Includes 2 extra SMEMA plugs to allow communication with conformal coating machines and laser marking machines. Four different inversion modes: pass-through, normal inversion, double upstream inversion and double downstream inversion.

Machine size (mm)(L)504x(W)869x(H)1250(L)655x(W)1050x(H)1250
PCB size (mm)50×50~(L)330x(W)25050×50~(L)530x(W)460
Conveyor directionLeft to right or right to left (selectable by software)
Conveyor height950+/-30mm
Air supply4-6 bar
Air consumption1.1 l./min max
Control systemPanasonic PLC and Sick sensors
Control panelMembrane button front panel
Transport belt3mm ESD flat belt
SMEMASMEMA compatible as default
Net weight364 Kg384 Kg
Gross weight444 Kg464 Kg
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