2K300 Two Part Conformal Coating

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2K300 is a highly elastic, solvent-free two-part polyurethane conformal coating. It has been carefully formulated to combine the protection and properties of a resin, while keeping the ease of application. Applied more thickly than the average coating, it provides excellent coverage, even in tight spaces while its extreme flexibility offers protection even around delicate components.

The 2K Range of coatings can be applied using selective coating machines such as PVA using the specially adapted part VPX-2KS) and Nordson Asymtek (using the latest in the AM range).

It displays enhanced thermal performance compared to 2K100, with an operating range of -40 to +130°C while still offering good chemical resistance.



Approvals RoHS Compliant (2015/863EU): Yes
REACH Compliant: Yes
IPC-CC-830: Meets Requirements
Liquid Properties Appearance: Clear yellow/amber liquid
Density @ 20°C: 0.93 g/ml (mixed)
Flash Point: >100⁰C
Min. Solids Content (1hr @80˚C): >98.5%
Mix Ratio: 5:1 v/v
Viscosity (mixed) @ 20°C: 1500-2000mPa s
Useable Life @ 20°C: 40 Minutes
Touch Dry Time at 20°C: 240 Minutes
Recommended Drying Time: 10 Minutes @ 80°C
Dry Film Coating Colour: Pale yellow, transparent
Recommended Coating Thickness: 100-300µm
Temperature Range: -65 to +150⁰C
Thermal Shock Range: -65 to +140⁰C
Thermal Shock (1000 cycles): No cracking, blistering or delamination*
Shore Hardness: A20-30
Glass Transition Temperature (Tg): -59°C (DMA)
Elongation at Break (BS EN ISO 537): 40-50%
Elastic Modulus 5.22 MPa @ -40°C
2.67 MPa @ 20°C
2.96 MPa @ 130°C
Tensile Strength 0.9 MPa @ 20°C
Dielectric Strength: 90 kV/mm
Dielectric Constant: 2.5
Dissipation Factor @ 1MHz, 25°C: 0.01
Surface Insulation Resistance: 2 x 1016 Ω
Moisture Resistance (IPC-CC-830): 1.63 x 1010 Ω

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