SDB-151-40 dry storage cabinet

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The SDB series is equipped with a patented drying unit U­4001. A second drying unit is optional available. Engineered for medium to long­term constant low humidity storage of ≤3% RH. The circulation of air in the cabinet is regulated through an inside fan. All surfaces are ESD coated in conformity with current ESD 61340­5­1 standard.
The SDB 151­40 is ideal for the moisture­proof and anti­oxidation storage of wide­ranging technologies and conforms with IPC/JEDEC JSTD 033C & IPC­1601.


Technical data
External dimensions: (W x H x D) 500 x 630 x 580 mm
Internal dimensions: (W x H x D) 490 x 560 x 450(530) mm
Weight: 37 kg
Weight on shelf: 30 kg
Max. loading capacity: 100 kg
Body: Steel, conductive coated 10 7 Ω/sq
Shelves (WxD): 3 pcs, 468 x 380 mm adjustable (ESD coated)
Volume: 135 L
Electric supply: 230 VAC (120 VAC optional)
Power consumption: Average 24 W/h (excl. heating)
Protection class: Class 1, hard grounded
Humidity level cabinet: ≤5% RH, depending on amount of door openings

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