SDR 52 Dry Room

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Outstanding performance
The SDR-51 dry room has an outstanding
performance for drying moisture sensitive
components, pcb’s and other moisture
sensitive products.
The dynamic drying unit of the 5000 series
reaches very reliable low humidity values of
0,5% RH and automatically regenerates if
necessary. The U7200 Dry unit is used when
the rooms are being bigger than 5m3 and
when bigger doors are being used.
Regeneration times are reduced due to the
closed loop control of the dry unit which
automatically responds to atmosphere and
frequency door openings. (U-5000 series)
The relevant process data is obtained by use
of an accurate Rotronic sensor. Data can be
taken out from the cabinet through RS232
with optional software.
Dryrooms are being supplied with ramp or
without when they are being placed directly
onto the ESD flooring, Feedercars or racks
can be placed inside.


Technical Data Cabinet
 Dimensions: Due to the construction of the panel, different sizes available
 Electric supply: 230 V AC (120 V AC optional)
 Power consumption: 30 W/h (without heater)
 Protection class: Class 1, hard grounded
 Humidity level cabinet: ≤0,5 % RH can be reached with drying unit U 5002
 Humidity level cabinet: ≤2,0 % RH can be reached with drying unit U 7200
 Sensor accuracy: +/- 0,8 % RH, +/- 0,3°C
 Temperature accuracy: 60° C, +/- 2° C

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