VEGO Dynamic AMS 05 / Magazine loader with magazine buffer and automatic magazine change

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The line unloader AMS 05 provides an automatic magazine exchange for continnous loading into a magazine. The unit consists of a loading and an unloading conveyor for magazines, a lifting axle with a magazine platform, a receiving conveyer for the PCB’s from the previous unit and an electrically driven pusher. The loading and unloading conveyors are situated parallel to each.
The magazines are transported over the loading conveyor onto the magazine platform. The pusher then slides the PCB’s into the magazine. The full magazine is then transported over the unloading conveyor and stored until manual removal.
Automatic magazine change with magazine clamps at the top and the bottom
Loading and unloading conveyors situated next to each other on the same level
Transfer height for magazine tracks is the same on both conveyors
Double lift axis guide

Machine Configuration 
Transport height

Max. transport width


Transfer direction

Operating side

Fixed rail
850 mm ± 50 mm

460 mm

SMEMA, Siemens

from left to right

Front of the machine

Front of the machine
Panel Dimensions
Panel length

Panel width

Panel thickness

Component clearance

Panel weight
70 to 460 mm

50 to 460 mm

0.5 to 4.5 mm

± 40 mm

to 3 kg
Installation Requirements
Power supply

Power supply system

Power consumption

Air supply

Air consumption
230 V / 115 V, 50 / 60 Hz, ± 10%

L1 + N + PE

0,75 kW

6 bar

10 Nl/min
Machine Description
Length x Width x Height

Magazine exchange

Cycle time

Netto weight

Noise Level
2585 x 1310 x 1770 mm

<25 sec.

<8 sec.

400 kg

< 75 dB
Magazine Size
Magazine length

Magazine width

Magazine heigth

Slot spacing

Buffer spacing

Magazine buffer input conveyor

Magazine buffer output conveyor

Single magazine weight
535 mm

530 mm

568 mm

5-20 mm

1-50 Slots



max. 30 kg
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